Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reconnective Healing?

Reconnective Healing (RH) is a return to an optimal state of balance. It is the result of interacting with the fully comprehensive RH spectrum of frequencies that consists of Energy, Light & Information®.Its first basic element is energy. Energy is everything we are made up of organically, our very essence and our actual physical body.

Light is the resonance and communication within these frequencies between the universe and us.

The information comes through the very interaction and entrainment with the energy and the light.

It’s tangible, measurable… you can actually feel it. We teach you how to discover, access and become aware of your relationship with these Reconnective Healing frequencies.

Reconnective Healing completely transcends traditional energy healing techniques as it allows us to let go of the concept and approach of technique itself. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment, as it does not focus on symptoms. It is something much, much more. In Reconnective Healing we do not diagnose or treat. We simply interact with the RH frequencies, bringing about healings that are often instantaneous and tend to be life long.

While science continues to explore how it works, Reconnective Healing has been confirmed and documented in more than a dozen international studies. When RH frequencies entrain with our energy body we emit and vibrate at a higher level of light. This has been shown to restructure our DNA, resulting in the emission of measurably higher levels of bio-photonic light. Stanford Professor Emeritus Dr. William Tiller says that when information carried through the Reconnective Healing frequencies is introduced, it creates coherence and order. In other words, greater harmony and balance within us.

How does this compare to other frequencies? How does it differ from the other forms of energy work used now?

Reconnective Healing It is an easy, non-invasive healing approach that everyone can learn how to do to help heal others and themselves. It is a comprehensive healing approach free of the rituals and techniques integral to the numerous energy healing modalities known today.

You can’t really compare the RH frequencies to “other” frequencies because there aren’t really “other” frequencies. According to what we can best determine from the scientific research results so far, the RH frequency spectrum appears to contain or include all of the known healing frequencies existing to date plus much, much more not seen here before.

This is considered to be part of the reason that you often don’t need to come back for multiple sessions as are often required with “energy healing” therapies or techniques, as true healing takes no longer than a snap of the fingers, a moment of connection, often happening instantaneously. It is up to the person receiving the healing as to how many sessions it takes for them to choose to accept the healing. Some might elect to have more than one session. It is suggested that you have between one to three sessions. Then let go and allow the healing to continue to transform.

What’s the difference between Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection?

As we mentioned, Reconnective Healing is a return to an optimal state of balance, and therefore an optimal state of health and evolution. The Reconnection is an accelerated exchange of the Energy, Light & Information® found in the Reconnective Healing frequencies. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, facilitated in a two-session process, that ties us back into a timeless system of intelligence. And it will often throw us onto our life course, maybe even faster than we had had in mind.

Can anyone learn to do this?

Anyone can learn how to do this work. We have not yet had someone attend a training program that couldn’t learn how to access these new frequencies of Energy, Light & Information®. The question is if they are willing to transcend the traditional energy healing techniques and rituals that come from fear, lack and limitation and facilitate a healing that comes from love, light and abundance.We also have thousands of medical professionals around the world, including doctors, nurses and physical therapists, that have attended our training programs and now incorporate Reconnective Healing into their private and hospital practices. Many report that Reconnective Healing gives added benefit to their patients and gives them an alternative option or a powerful adjunct to surgeries and prescription medicines.

But again, every single person, no matter what his or her professional or family background, religion, or previous experience in healing, can learn how to do this work and facilitate healings for others, their families and themselves… even if – and, sometimes, especially if – they have no background in healing whatsoever!

What can I expect during a Reconnective Healing session or The Reconnection?

What’s the best way to prepare for it? What can I do to allow it to be most effective?
Everyone’s experience with Reconnective Healing is unique. Often healings are reported in an instant in just one session. Sometimes it takes a bit longer for a healing to unfold. Your healing may come in the form you anticipate… Or it may come in a form you haven’t even dreamed of, one that the universe has designed specifically for you.
Healings can come in all forms. The best way to allow for a healing is to proceed in a state of expectancy, without specific expectations or attachment to results.

Be in a relaxed atmosphere, lie on your back on a massage table or whatever other comfortable arrangement you’ve decided on, close your eyes and notice. Just notice. Observe. Become both the observer and the observed. Withdraw your participatory thought process and simply observe when there’s something to notice, as well as when there’s nothing to notice. Lie there and let go, as if you simply had a little unexpected rest time.

I wouldn’t suggest that you try to make your mind a blank or try to think of nothing. As a rule, people have trouble with the concept of thinking of nothing. The mind is always going. I suggest that you simply notice whatever it is that brings itself to your attention. This gives you something to do and has a tendency to alleviate the stress often encountered when trying to think of nothing and finding that you don’t know how. Place your attention inside your body and allow it to travel through you. Observing whatever you perceive as out of the ordinary will give you enough to occupy your mind without you getting lost in mental “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts.”

Don’t breathe a special way, don’t visualize relaxing scenes or a desired result, don’t meditate or repeat mantras, silently or otherwise, and don’t “do” anything else that I haven’t mentioned that you or someone else thinks will “help.” It won’t. It will simply bring about what you’re able to do on your own and interfere with you being able to enjoy the fullness and the reality of the experience. And if that’s the case, you may as well stay home. When you’re ready to let go and not attempt to “direct” or enhance the experience, when your ego is out of the way sufficiently so you don’t attempt to “gild the lily,” you’re ready to experience what makes Reconnective Healing different, what makes The Reconnection real.

Does Reconnective Healing only work on physical problems? Will it work on mental problems as well?

Healing is a return to balance. Every health challenge is a combination of the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional (and probably a few other classifications we don’t have words for). We simply classify it according to it’s predominant characteristic. Reconnective Healing doesn’t specifically “treat” anything. If in its presence you allow yourself to come back into balance, as many people do, then you do. You just do.

I want to have a healing. Do I want a private session or would I be better off attending a training program?

It depends on several factors. First of all, it may be wise for you to attend a training program if your interest includes bringing healings to others. Many people who come to the training programs report that they receive healings merely from being in attendance, even though their intention for attending is to learn to facilitate healings for others. And although we can’t make any specific promises that this will be the case for you, there’s clearly a lot to be said for being immersed in these healing frequencies for an entire weekend. It’s important to learn this work, not just for the benefits it yields you personally, but also for the gift of being able to offer it to help others. If your only purpose in attending is to have a healing for yourself, you might want to schedule a private healing session. If your desire is to help others as well as yourself, your most appropriate path may be to attend the training program.

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How many sessions will I need? How long does it take to have a healing?

One visit — perhaps even part of one visit — may be plenty. Generally it is recommended that you consider up to three sessions. And although each session is special, often something particularly special is reported about session number three.

Healings occur in an instant. What takes the time is for the person to decide to accept the healing. If you receive everything you’re looking for by your first, second or third session, it’s time to let go and allow things to unfold on their own. If you don’t notice anything by your third session, Reconnective Healing may not be the appropriate way for you to receive what you’re looking for at that time in your life. Again, you may want to let go and allow whatever might unfold to do so. You may choose to return in three, six, maybe even 18 months. The only time you might consider a few more sessions around the time of your first three is if a new situation arises for you or if you’ve been experiencing clear, recognizable, consistent improvement over the first three visits and it looks as if there’s a little more to go. At that point you might consider a few more sessions. After that, again let go and allow it time to unfold. Reconnective Healing is not about regular visits or “touch-ups.” You do not need “weekly” sessions or to visit a practitioner on an “ongoing” basis. Once you have your session(s), you own your change, your healing, your evolution. It’s yours. No one can take it away from you. Ever.

What makes a “good” practitioner? Are some practitioners more effective than others?

Everyone at our training programs appears to be able to access this work to the same level. Our work throughout the weekend is to impart the artistry and sensitivity needed for attendees to cultivate these frequencies to their highest potential. We think, though, that if anything sets one practitioner apart from another it is the ability to keep their ego out of the equation. This work is clearly not about directing energy to specific areas or diagnosing in any way. In fact, some of the largest healings we have seen over the years have been in cases where we knew nothing at all about what our client was contending with. By getting out of the way we are able to allow the healing to come through that the universe intended.

It is also important that practitioners understand that Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection are most effective when offered independently of energy healing techniques and modalities. In other words, practitioners who offer this work with integrity will witness all the beneficial aspects of other previously known forms of “energy healing” coming through automatically and naturally during the Reconnective Healing session without having to “do” or even to have learned these healing techniques because the Reconnective Healing spectrum embodies these.

Please realize that, just as with medicine, your Reconnective Healing practitioner is not able to make any specific promises or guarantees regarding what the results of a healing will be. Three people can come in with seemingly the same set of symptoms and the same diagnosis and receive three different sets of results. It’s the person, not the situation that responds, so track records for specific problems are relatively meaningless as indicators of probable outcome.

The person you interact with isn’t directing the healing. The healing is directed by God/Love/Universe — choose the word you’re happiest with. The person you select is facilitating merely by being present, is participating merely by feeling, observing and listening. In Reconnective Healing, specializing isn’t applicable as it isn’t the disease that heals, it’s the person… and the healing depends upon what’s appropriate for that person in keeping with their specific life path, which may or may not correspond with their conscious desires. So my suggestion is to select a person with whom you resonate based on who they are, not their track record or testimonials. And select a practitioner who owns the work sufficiently to have transcended and released energy healing techniques and external healing paraphernalia and accouterments.